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Individual Counselling

People seek counselling for any number of reasons, often when an internal or external change is occurring.  We offer you an initial consultation with a counsellor where you can talk together about the  difficulties or concerns you are facing and would like to address.  Your counsellor will listen to your concerns and work with you to find a way forward that is most helpful to you, which may include signposting and supporting you to access other relevant services.  

Family Counselling

Your Counsellor will work in a systemic way with you and your family to help you communicate more effectively and work out a way to manage the difficulties you are experiencing.  

What is systemic practice? 

Young People Counselling

Your counsellor will listen to you and help you find ways to deal with your emotional needs and concerns.  Our counselling is confidential, providing you with a safe space to talk about and explore the difficulties you are experiencing 


Your Life Coach will work with you to enable  you to reflect on your working situation and any difficulties you are experiencing and then explore together  how to set, and work towards achieving your  personal and professional goals.

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